A FIATA Introduction to the Regulations for the safe Handling and Transport of Dangerous Goods 2nd Edition



These guidelines have been prepared specifically for freight forwarders. Their objective is not to provide detailed training material, but rather to set out the basic principles that apply to the carriage of dangerous goods in the various modes of transport and to act as a source of reference to those who have been trained.


Dangerous goods present a risk to those who physically handle them and to the environment in which we live and work. These risks range from the very slight to the extremely severe, and in the worst cases may result in death.  


Freight forwarders worldwide who organize, handle and transport dangerous goods have a responsibility to ensure that these risks are kept to a minimum.  They can do this by making sure that within the scope of their activity, the various rules and regulations that apply to the packaging, marking, labeling and classification of dangerous goods are complied with.  Forwarders are not expected to know all about the properties of the products they handle, but they must safeguard their own safety, as well as the safety of their staff and the public in general.  They must be able to recognize that goods are dangerous and to ensure that the applicable regulations are being complied with.


These guidelines can help to create an awareness within the forwarding industry, as well as an understanding that forwarders have an obligation to uphold the law.


They have been prepared in a format which is both concise and understandable so that they can be used in a practical way in the workplace by employees of all levels. They are not however a substitute for training, which should be of foremost importance to all international freight forwarders.  


It is recommended and hoped that FIATA members promote the use of this document and make it readily available to all their member companies.

March 2009 - 42 pages - English

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