FIATA Video - The Forwarder, The Architect of Transport (SECAM) - SOLD OUT -

- SOLD OUT - A Movie of 15 minutes featuring how the Freight Forwarders is acting as the ARCHITECT OF TRANSPORT, explaining how he is establishing and coordinating tailor-made solutions by matching their customers (i.e. Industry, Producers, Exporters, Importers, sellers or buyers) requirements. How the Freight Forwarder is offering his expertise, know-how and contemporary services creating the best way by taking into consideration all mode of transports such as air-, sea-, multimodal, door-to-door or other logistic solutions. He is performing as the trustworthy link between Trade partners.

The video refers to the forwarders ability to provide cost- and time efficient and reliable service by solving any logistical challenge. Providing the organization and the completion to satisfy the customers need to have the right and best fitting integrated Supply Chain Management System. Without Freight Forwarder there is no Trade.

The Video gives reference how the Freight forwarder himself gains profit and substantial advantages by using the benefits of the worldwide covering umbrella of FIATA, which is an important element of the freight forwarders success by offering to their associates plenty of valuable support.

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