FIATA Legal Handbook on Forwarding by Peter Jones

This is not a law book but a book about law. It concerns itself with the large and growing body of law, including international convertions and regulations which govern the forwarding of goods in international trade.


This is not a substitute for professional legal advice, but a helpful guide which will help you to use lawyers more efficiently.


Transportation and insurance lawyer Peter Jones has written the FIATA Legal Handbook on Forwarding with the informed layperson in mind. Well-Thumbed copies of this valuable handbook ought to be on the desks of freight forwarders, lawyers, insurers, brokers, surveyors and carriers the world over.


FIATA endorses this book as an important tool in the development of forwarding professionals.


The FIATA Legal Handbook has been a guide for our industry for ten years. Over this decade, laws have changed, and a third edition was needed. We recommend this third edition to everyone in our industry, and to any one who wants to know the industry better.




Chapter 1 - The Customer - Forwarder Relationship

Chapter 2 - Practical Problems of Contract Interpretation

Chapter 3 - The Forwarder - Principal or Agent?

Chapter 4 - FIATA Documentation: The FBL and FWB

Chapter 5 - Airfreight Consolidation

Chapter 6 - Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs)

Chapter 7 - The Forwarder as Agent and the FIATA Model Rules

Chapter 8 - FIATA Documentation

Chapter 9 - Mutual Representation and Joint Traffic Arrangement

Chapter 10 - Insurance and the Law of Forwarding

Chapter 11 - Forwarding and Dangerous Goods

Chapter 12 - Legal Issues in Electronic Commerce

Chapter 13 - Contracting in the Electronic Environment

Chapter 14 - Getting Paid! or Remedies for Collection of Accounts

Appendices (List of Forms)

4th Edition, 2008 - 228 pages - English

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